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Abraham Loh: He was there for needy till his last breath

WHEN Mr Abraham Loh turned 100 on May 2, he did not want his birthday party to be about him.

Despite having been hospitalised just the month before, the philanthropist showed up at the Queenstown Community Centre that day – in a wheelchair – for a lunch he threw for 100 needy old folk. -Read the rest of this entry>>

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危急时刻,领队为确保团员安全,挺身而出自愿当人质跟着歹徒离开,团员成功脱困,自己却被挟持八小时,一度被歹徒用枪指着头。 -。。。阅读全文>

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Murdered Teen’s Family Builds Peace

16-year-old Jimmy Mizen was murdered in May 2008 when he and his older brother Harry went into a bakery near their home in Lee, south east London.

While inside, Jake Fahri – who had been cautioned by police several years earlier for harassing Harry Mizen – brushed past the brothers. A scuffle followed resulting in Fahri hurling a glass dish at Jimmy and fatally wounding him. Jimmy’s parents, Barry and Margaret Mizen, hit national headlines when immediately after the attack they spoke of compassion rather than revenge. 阅读更多 »

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————   宫崎骏

被日本誉为“国民动画大师”的宫崎骏,在1941年1月5日,出生在东京的文京区。在四个兄弟中,排行老二。因为妈妈身体不好,他不希望妈妈太过忙碌。所以小时候的宫崎骏,会把自己画好的漫画书,自导自演的说故事,为弟弟们排解纠纷。 -阅读全文>

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来自德国的莱纳˙施密特(Rainer Schmidt)牧师一生有这么一个信念――“寧可缺手,但无缺憾”。


施密特自出娘胎以来,他双手就没有下臂,且右腿也长得特別短小,但种种身体上的残缺却无法阻止他展开精彩的人生……儘管需要付出比常人多百倍的努力,但凭著一股毅力,他成功冲破身体上的障碍, -。。。阅读全文>>

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Delivering food on his ‘weekly date’

GREGORY Lee Ying Meng, 72, has a date with his wife every Saturday night.

They go round collecting and delivering bread for food-distribution charity Food From The Heart.

Mr Lee began working with the group in 2003 after reading about its call for volunteers in the newspapers. -Read the rest of this entry>>

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父母一天到晚想着他能有一个正经营生。有一年秋天,他蘸着黑墨水,在自己家的围墙上画了一个四角的亭子,几棵高树,还有一些波光粼粼的水。邻居说,这孩子画得不赖,将来当个画匠吧。他以为,他将来能当走村串户的画匠了, -。。。阅读全文>

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