Lien AID brings all-inclusive water and sanitation solution to hospitals in Cambodia


Lien AID continues its close partnership with Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) Cambodia, offering an all-inclusive water and sanitation solution to two more rural hospitals in Cambodia – Kong Pisey and Oudong Referral Hospitals.

The less than satisfactory water and sanitation conditions impacts the overall quality of healthcare that these hospitals are able to provide, but it is beyond the expertise of the healthcare staff and they feel helpless. “I know that a hospital environment needs to be clean, and I’m a doctor but I can’t cure the problem,” said Dr. Yi Heng, of the Gynaecology and Maternity department at Kong Pisey Referral Hospital.

This collaboration with BORDA and the Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Department, Cambodia will address three areas. Treated water supply will be provided. A Decentralised Wastewater Treatment System (DEWATS) will ensure that wastewater is discharged harmlessly into the environment. New toilet blocks will replace unimproved latrines.

In addition, training will be provided to both staff and workers and a committee formed to ensure the continued upkeep and sustainability of these improvements. This gives staff like Dr. Yi Heng an opportunity to be part of effecting the change.

As he shared, “It pains me to see my patients deprived of better facilities. If we can renovate and improve the toilet blocks and water system, at least there is hope for the patients to be clean and hygienic in a sterile hospital environment.”

This initiative broke ground in June 2012 after months of careful planning and is estimated to complete within 12 months. It will benefit more than 90,000 hospital users, including people with disabilities, children and pregnant women.

16 Jul 2012


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