Roller-coaster ride for mum-to-be


Madam Norazlina Taha describes her first pregnancy as ‘a thrilling roller-coaster ride”.

The feisty Outward Bound Singapore manager, who swims three times a week, tours Malaysia and Thailand on a 600cc motorcycle and runs full marathons, is expecting a girl in March.

“I can be ecstatic one moment, and in the next minute, a nervous wreck,” she says. “Blame it on the crazy hormonal activity in my body!”

She looks upon the baby, whose name has yet to be decided, as a “symbol of love” who “reminds me that there is a greater purpose in my life”.

Although she is excited about her baby, she is concerned about the challenges that her child will face. Her greatest fear is that her child grows up to be like her when she was a teenager.

“Every mother worries about her child, more so for me because it’s a girl,” she says.

According to her, she was a rebellious daughter who mixed with bad company.

She wore skimpy clothes, smoked heavily and stayed away from home despite having patient and supportive parents who “relentlessly showered me with love”.

When she was 20, she shattered her kneecap in a motorcycle accident.

Her mother, now 60, who works as a senior nurse, and her father, now 63, who works for Singapore Airlines in an administrative role, used their savings to pay for her operation and took care of her while she recuperated.

“My friends, whom I had been hanging out with, left me to struggle alone after my accident,” she recalls.

“That was when I realised that my family has always been there, supporting me and accepting me,” she says.

In 2005, she met her husband, Mr Muhamad Yusuf Hamzah, 29, a civil servant, whom she describes as introverted and well-mannered, and “the complete opposite of me”.

“I have never met a guy so accepting of my ways,” says Madam Norazlina.  “He has his way of teaching me values such as patience and respect.

“It was because of him that I completely mellowed.”

Chastened by her past experiences. Madam Norazlina hopes that her daughter will be a modest and respectful person who will put others before self, as well as be a “tough cookie” who can weather life’s hard knocks.

She knows that being a parent is not easy.

“I should learn to take one baby step at a time and enjoy motherhood,” she says.

Adapted from The Sunday Times, 30-12-2012


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