She raised 3 kids single-handedly


THESE days, Baihakki Khaizan is a key player in the LionsXII’s title assault in the Malaysian Super League.

He also has a dream marriage with actress-singer Norfasarie, two beautiful children, a five-figure salary from playing football and a sleek BMW 5 series car.

It is a world away from his childhood days, and the 29-year-old is eternally grateful to his mother Mas’ruah Hussein for that.

Baihakki’s father Khaizan Muhd died of hypertension when he was only three years old. To pay the bills and raise her three children, Mas’ruah worked in the security division at the Singapore Airport Terminal Services, earning about $1,200 monthly.

“During festive periods, she will even take on extra shifts to earn more money,” Baihakki said.

“My family was not financially stable. It is all thanks to her hard work that we pulled through.”

Baihakki, along with his mother and siblings, used to squeeze into a three-room flat in Jurong with eight relatives.

His pocket money alone was not enough to buy boots. So the teenager had to work as a mover for his uncle’s company, and report at 6am to wash dishes at his auntie’s nasi lemak stall. He also had to queue at orphanages to get used textbooks.

Even though her son has made it as a professional footballer, Mas’ruah, now 57, continues to work as a freelance tour guide for pilgrimages to Mecca.

Said Baihakki: “Now that I’m married and I’m a father, my mind goes back to the times when I was a young footballer.

“My mother works at night, and by the time I wake up in the morning, she is asleep. We hardly had any time to chat. But she’s doing this all for the family.

“Now that I’m raising my own family, I fully understand the sacrifice she had made. I want to spend more time with her and make up for the lost time.”

The Straits Times

May 12, 2013



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