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Focusing on poor vision in poor places


GAMEREN (The Netherlands) – More than a decade ago, Mr Frederik van Asbeck, then 24, noticed that none of his new friends in Tanzania wore glasses, even though many of his classmates at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands did.

The problem, he discovered, was not poor vision among his classmates in Delft, but the difficulty of obtaining corrective eyewear in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. -Read the rest of this entry>>

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走到停车场,漆黑中,远远看到座驾正闪着微弱的灯光,一下一下闪动,好像正向我呼叫、求救, -。。。阅读全文>

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The Rescue of a Lifetime

A rescue of a life time

It’s the rescue of a lifetime – two little girls saving their own mother. The family was out for a walk on a trail in Oregon. Everything was fine until the mother couldn’t breathe and went into respiratory failure. Her five and seven-year-old daughters ran more than two miles for help. 阅读更多 »

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每当雨季来临,河水奔涌,波浪翻腾。河面上,两个男子背着学生艰难行走。河水没过膝盖,他们背着学生过河;河水涌至胸口,他们扛着学生过河;河水浸过头顶,他们找来木筏,让学生趴在上面,他们则在河水中游动,推着学生过河。 -。。。阅读全文>

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罹癌「心不苦」 她乐当志工




「开心的时候笑,不开心的时候更要笑。」62岁的吴彩玉前后动了两次癌症手术,仍乐观面对人生,现在华山基金会莺歌天使站担任志工,用她的「正面能量」,照顾失能、失依老人。 -。。。阅读全文>>

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Cabby donates liver to stranger after reading Facebook appeal


Mr Tong Ming Ming, 34, was on a tea break during reservist training in early March when an SMS and a Facebook post by his secondary school friend Regina Lim caught his eye.

She wrote that a mutual friend’s colleague was likely to die within days if he did not receive a liver transplant. -Read the rest of this entry>>

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生前在花莲县瑞穗乡奇美部落传道的布农族牧师江阿勇,因肝癌往生,得年三十五岁。 部落老人家感念说:「江牧师在部落服务只短短三年,却像有三十年那么久!」 -。。。阅读全文>

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