Mysterious Priest Prays Over Crash Victim

19-year-old Katy Lenz was driving on a highway in Missouri last week when she was hit head-on by an unidentified drunk driver.

Lenz was pinned to her seat in her convertible, and as rescue crew arrived she asked them to pray with her as her vital signs were failing quickly.

Despite a three-kilometre perimeter cordoning the accident scene off, first responders reportedly said a man who looked like a Catholic priest appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

“He began to pray and use the anointing oil,” New London Fire Chief Raymond Reed told ABC News. “There was a calmness that, to me, seemed to come over the entire scene.”

Firefighters rescuing Lenz also said their equipment kept failing until the mystery priest showed up.

“The words were to remain calm, that our tools would now work,” Reed reportedly said. “Instantaneously, at that moment, our neighbouring department arrived with fresh extrication tools.”

Before the crew could turn around to thank the man, though, he reportedly vanished.

Lenz was later successfully extricated from the wreck and rushed to hospital, and is recovering with broken legs and ribs.

“I think that this time I’ve actually witnessed a guardian angel at work,” added Jeremiah See of the New London Fire Department.




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