Thief Apologizes And Returns Stolen Money


Nearly 12 years after a man robbed a deli at gunpoint in Nashville, Tenn., he decided to give the store $400 and ask for forgiveness.

The anonymous robber left the money and an apology note at the InterAsian Market & Deli on Friday.

The man, who claimed to be a drug addict, wrote that he “must make amends to the people I have hurt in the past.”

“I hope you will accept this money and find forgiveness,” he added.

Thief apologizes

InterAsian Market posted a picture of the note and a message to the robber on Instagram and Twitter:

This is truly inspirational and reminds us that there are plenty of good people in this world. To the anonymous person, we want to tell you all is forgiven and thank for your note. We don’t care about the money. We are more inspired and touched by your act. We hope you find peace in life and prosperity.

Somboon Wu, the store owner’s son, told WSMV that he and his father thought the man’s actions were amazing.

“It’s inspirational, really,” he told the station. “Even though it’s hard sometimes, we need to give people a second chance.”



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