Keanu Reeves donates millions anonymously


Keanu Reeves might be a famous actor but it is his generosity that should be talked about.

From Matrix fame, Reeves is possibly best known for “going down the rabbit’s hole” and the epic battle scenes from the Sci-fi franchise. Unbeknown-st to his admiring public, Reeves has donated large amounts of his income to those in need and those he felt deserved a helping hand.

“Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.” Over the years of his acting career, he has made millions but has made a point to donate millions in order to support various charities. Under anonymous donations, he has supported PETA, the SickKids Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer, and has spent more than $5 million dollars to help his sister fight leukemia.

When Reeves signed on to do the second and third Matrix movies, he reportedly gave away $75 million to the special effects and costume teams. Reeves felt that the design teams were the most essential part of the movie’s development and that they deserved the money more than he did.

Besides donating millions towards cancer research, Reeves has been known to take a pay-cut in order to assist the movie’s production. For Devil’s Advocate, Reeves took a few million dollars of a pay-cut in order for the film to bring on actor Al Pacino. Pacino’s monolouge was arguably epic, to say the least.

Reeves made the same move for the movie The Replacements when the producers wanted to bring on actor Gene Hackman. Reeves reportedly volunteered to take a 90% pay-cut.

Before his Hollywood fame, Reeves’ life was entirely different. Born in Beirut, Lebanon to an English mother and Hawaiian-American father, Reeves’ mother worked as a costumer designer around the world. His father, a geologist who earned his GED in prison for selling heroin at an airport, abandoned the family when Reeves’ was only a toddler.

His family settled in Canada, where Reeves excelled in hockey but struggles with studies as he struggled with dyslexia and dropped out of high school before he graduated. His first role was in Rob Lowe’s ice hockey film Youngblood and afterwards he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.




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