A Father’s Letter


PAP MP for Mountbatten, Lim Biow Chuan, is one of the rare few PAP MPs who openly declares his Christian faith, On Nov. 19, 2014, Lim put up on Facebook a picture of a letter he wrote last year to encourage his daughter who was going to receive her PSLE results:

21 November 2013

My dearest Rebecca,


Tomorrow the PSLE results will be announced. This last week has been a period of anxiety for myself and your mother as we worry about things which we should not be worrying about. If we have been harsh or impatient with you during these last few weeks, I apologise for we should have known better as your parents.

Regardless of how you perform in your PSLE exams, I want to assure you that you are precious to me and to God. You have always been kind, compassionate and helpful to others, I still recall how you asked me to bring you for the wake of a schoolmate when her mother passed away last year. You have always been wanting to stand up for your classmates who have been bullied.

Good grades are not the most important thing in life. What is very important to me is your character. I want to encourage you to lead your life in an upright manner — hardworking, honest, respectful, humble, loyal and willing to help others. I hope to see my daughter grow up as someone who loves God (just as God loves you) and someone who hold God in awe.

It is important to be hardworking and to aspire to do your best in your endeavours. In all that you do, put in your best efforts. None of us would ever lead our lives without any mistakes. When you fumble or make mistakes in life, acknowledge your errors and learn from the mistake so that you can improve. Do not ever look down on yourself or allow anyone to look down on you. You will always be unique and have your own gifts and talent which God has given to you.

As I had said to your elder sister, honor and love your mother, your sister and your family. We will always be closest to you and will be there to support and encourage you all the time.

You are dearly treasured as my daughter. I am proud to be your father and to be called your dad.

With love,



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