4-year old calls 911, saves pregnant mother

150204 4 year old calls 911, saves pregnant mother

Calise Manning is being called a hero for helping her pregnant mother and calling 911 operators in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

“She’s shaking and she’s having a baby,” Calise tells a dispatcher in 911. “My mom is really pregnant and she’s having a boy and she really needs help.”

Her mother Centerria Manning, who was 9-months pregnant and epileptic, had apparently fallen to the floor in the midst of a seizure on Wednesday. She said they had practiced what to do in an emergency.

“I was so proud of her, because we practiced and I teach her because I am epileptic,” Manning said. “I (taught) her the address and my full name and things like that, and how to dial 911.” Her fiancée was at work at the time.

In a lighter moment during the nearly 7 1/2 minute call, a dispatcher asks Calise “How old are you honey?” Calise responds, “four,” before adding an important detail. “Yes, and I’m almost getting bigger.”

The mother was taken to the hospital where her healthy baby brother, TJ Manning, was born Friday morning.

Wearing an “I’m the Big Sister” T-shirt, Calise said, “It was really good to ride in the ambulance with mom.”

For the past two years, the Kalamazoo, Michigan mother-daughter duo have been vigilantly practicing what four-year-old Calise should do if her epileptic mother has a seizure.

So when Manning suffered an epileptic episode last Wednesday, Calise sprung into action – assistance made all the more important considering her mother was nearly nine months pregnant at the time of the seizure. “I woke up and my daughter Calise was standing over me and she was on the phone with 9-1-1,” Manning said. “I was so proud of her.”

The preschooler calmly spent more than seven minutes on the phone with a 911 operator, explaining the situation and providing her home address.

“We practice and I teach her…the address and my full name and things like that,” says Manning, whose fiancé was at work when she lost consciousness.

“I explained to Calise, ‘Mommy has seizures,’” Manning said. “Just in case I ever had one, she wouldn’t freak out.” She didn’t. When the mother came to, she reveals: “[Calise] was like, I told you I was gonna take care of you if something happened.”

Typically by age five, parents should teach children their own phone number, Carlos Lerner, medical director in the department of pediatrics at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA in Los Angeles, tells Yahoo Parenting. By that time, kids should also know how to call 911. “But keep it simple,” he says. “Say, ‘If there is an emergency and an adult can’t help, call the police or the ambulance. This is how you call them.’”

Knowing one’s phone number in case of an emergency doesn’t have to be a scary lesson, adds Lerner. “Present this as a matter-of-fact skill and don’t provide more details or information than the child is ready to accept,” he says. “Answer their questions simply and directly, and let the kid’s curiosity guide how much detail you provide.”

As for learning how to call 911, try role playing. “Kids need to know the specifics about what an emergency is,” according to a tip sheet on the pediatric health system The Nemours Foundation’s Kids Health website. “Asking them questions like, What would you do if… is an especially good way to address various emergency scenarios and give your kids the confidence they’ll need to handle them.” (Another piece of advice: Refer to 911 as “nine-one-one” not “nine-eleven” so young kids don’t get confused looking for an “eleven” button).


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