S’porean crowdfunds for 70-year-old man cheated of life savings


For 15 years, a 70-year-old man handed over all of his $2,000 salary to two elderly women.The women claimed it was for a government debt. But there was no debt.They had cheated him of more than $400,000, including his CPF of $53,000.To survive the last 15 years, he had to borrow money from his sister and neighbours.

This resulted in the elderly man, Tan Soy Klang, having to borrow money from his neighbours and 73-year-old sister to feed himself, despite working non-stop.

The cheating was only uncovered in 2013, when his 39-year-old niece returned from Australia and found out what was going on.

She then went to the police.

A 65-year-old woman has been arrested for cheating, while the other 69-year-old woman is assisting the police with investigations.

The New Paper on Feb. 8, 2015, broke this story.

 Singaporeans are quick to act

The story has struck a raw nerve, as within a few hours of the news breaking, one Singaporean, Dan Chen has turned to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise money for Mr Tan.


If there is one thing Singaporeans can do well, it is being moved to give money when they sense injustice has occurred.

Previously, a crowdfunding campaign to raise S$1,250 to buy an iPhone 6 for a Vietnamese tourist who was scammed at Sim Lim Square and seen begging on his knees for his money back, raised some S$15,542 (US$12,431) in total.

The funding target was, in fact, breached in 54 minutes, when S$1,600 was raised within an hour’s time. Latest figures as at 9 Feb, 0:00am, the fund raised was USD$10,668.


Source: http://mothership.sg/2015/02/sporean-crowdfunds-donations-for-70-year-old-man-cheated-of-400000-life-savings-by-two-con-women/



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