Swagman carries dog 300km after croc attack

150819 Swagman carries dog 300km after croc attack

A Queensland bushman spent two days carrying his dog hundreds of kilometres to help after a crocodile attacked the canine.

Swagman Wayne Best and his best friend and pet Choco were on the hunt for food in Far North Queensland when they came across a saltwater crocodile doing the same.

“I was just doin’ a bit of huntin’ to get some food and the dog bailed up a big boar on the bank of the river,” Best told 7News.

Best saw the six-metre croc but it already had its eyes – and then its teeth – on Choco.

“Croc grabbed him and thrust him a bit, threw him side to side then he went under the water and that was it,” he said.

Choco was pulled under the water for about two minutes before fighting free and coming to the surface, bleeding from bites around his back legs, Best recalled.

The swaggie said he grabbed Choco and “bandaged him up, splinted him up fix his wounds up if I can” before they set off for civilization.

Best reckons he walked 60km from the Mitchell River to the Burke Development Road where the man and his dog started hitching rides and walking for the next three days, covering a distance of nearly 300km till they reached the Mareeba township.

Friend Shane Waymouth was not surprised about the effort Best went through for his dog.

These two best mates can’t be seperated. Wayne Best’s mates say that his dogs are his family.

“With all his dogs they’re his family, he’d sooner spend time with his dogs at his camp than me or any of his mates.

“A couple of days and he tells us to go home – but the dogs are there all year with him.”

Locals chipped in to help Best cover the vet bills, but once Choco is healed a bit and Best puts in a few days work they’ll head bush again together.

And the first they’ll do when they get there is hunt down that crocodile.

Source: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/swagman-carries-dog-300km-croc-104511150.html



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