10-Year-Old Girl Bitten by Shark Saved Friend

2B8E921300000578-0-image-a-20_1440169642201A brave 10-year-old girl is being hailed a hero after being attacked by a shark, setting herself free, then heading back into the danger waters to rescue her 6-year-old friend.

Friends and family say Kaley Szarmack was enjoying a day at Jacksonville Beach, Florida, when a three-foot-long shark bit her leg as she was leaving the surf.

“She walked herself out of the ocean and she realized that the 6-year-old was still in the water, so she turned around and went back and got the 6-year-old and took her out of the water,” her father, Dave Szarmack, told WJXT-TV.

Kaley was rushed to the hospital, where she received 90 stitches to repair a four-inch gash on two sides of her leg, below the knee.

Dave, who’s also a firefighter, told the station, “You see all kinds of things as a fireman, but when you see your baby, even if it was a little blood, but this was, to see it, I was just, it was really difficult to see. It was just tough. That’s my little girl.”

Kaley is expected to make a full recovery.

“I am just so proud of her. And so thankful that she is doing so well,” her father said. “She’s got no permanent damage that we know of at this point, and they said she is going to heal up. She’ll be able to run, jump, swim and surf in not too long of healing time.”

He also said her scar will come with bragging rights. “[She’s] going to have a pretty big scar and quite a story to tell though.”

The shark attack happened around 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Firefighters estimate Kaley was in about three to four feet of water.

Source: http://www.people.com/article/kaley-szarmack-shark-attack-victim-rescues-friend



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