Farm made of just four sacks

151219 harriet Nakabaale

MS HARRIET Nakabaale lives in a small one-bedroom house in Kawaala, a suburb in Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

Her house sits on a piece of land 9m wide and 15m long.

The 45-year-old, an expert in “sack farming”, has turned her small compound into a neat green garden that has become the envy of many.

Four large containers, or sacks, sit in her garden.

In one of them, for example, she grows spinach, dodo and carrots.

In another, a young guava tree is surrounded by green vegetables.

In yet another, there are spring onions, celery, tomatoes and spinach.

Ms Nakabaale, who has been practising sack farming for 21 years, trains others for a fee of 20,000 shillings (S$8.30).

Each month, she earns about 1 million shillings, most of which comes from her services as a sack farming teacher, and also from the sale of seedlings for various crops she grows in her garden.

The sale of her crops also supplements her income.

She said: “With sack farming, I have kept my three children in school.

“We don’t buy food from the market because, much as I sell most of the food crops I produce, there is always enough left for home consumption.”





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