A Mother loving message and call for calm

Mum calls for calm

The mother of a four-year-old girl who was brutally killed by a man in an apparent random attack  has touched many Taiwanese with her composure and loving message to her slain child, even as public outrage over the shocking incident threatens to boil over. 

“Fortunately, I had held you tightly and told you I loved you every day,” Ms Claire Wang, 36, posted on her Facebook account on Tuesday (March 29), the day after the tragedy, together with a photo of her holding her daughter in her arms and her husband by their side.

She gave the media permission to use the photograph, Central News Agency said.

Ms Wang appeared before dozens of TV cameras and journalists just hours after witnessing the killing of her child on Monday morning by a knife-wielding man on a Taipei street.

Although visibly traumatised and tearful, she spoke coherently about the incident and how she tried but failed to protect her child, who is identified in the media only by her surname Liu and family nickname of Little Light Bulb.

The suspect, 33-year-old Wang Ching-yu, grabbed the child from behind and decapitated her with a cleaver as she was riding a bicycle near Ms Wang. 

He has a criminal record for drug offences and had undergone psychiatric treatment. He was beaten up by an angry mob on Tuesday while being transferred from a Taipei police station to the prosecutor’s office for questioning.

But amid widespread calls for the killer to be executed immediately and for a mandatory death penalty for people convicted of killing children, Ms Wang has been one of the few to call for calm and reason at the same time she mourned her loss.

“I believe the suspects in these kinds of random killings lose their minds at that moment,” Ms Wang told TV reporters at the police station on Monday.

“This is not a problem that can be solved by passing a law,” she said. “I hope we can address the problem from its root, from the perspective of family and education, so that there will no longer be people like him (the perpetrator) in our society.”

Ms Wang and her 44-year-old husband David Liu graduated from the University of Southern California, CNA reported. Mr Liu works in the high-tech sector, while Ms Wang is a stay-at-home mum.

They have three other children, a nine-year-old girl and two-year-old twins.

Ms Wang, who says she is a free-thinker, seemed determined to turn the tragedy of her daughter’s death into a lesson for the greater good.

“After the incident, many friends advised me to close my blog and Facebook page, but I really hope that her death can leave something behind, stir up some discussion, remind people of the importance of love, and call attention to the many issues in society,” Ms Wang told reporters outside the funeral home on Tuesday. 

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