Paying it forward with blood after accident

160618 Zavie Roland Massang

He will turn 70 in December, but Mr Zavier Roland Massang is still helping to save lives.

Since he was involved in a scooter accident 30 years ago that required surgery and a blood transfusion, Mr Massang has been paying back the favour from other donors by being a regular one himself.

With 76 units of blood donated to date, Mr Massang – currently the national blood programme’s oldest donor – was recognised yesterday at an event held at the Singapore Sports Hub to mark World Blood Donor Day. He was among 1,450 people presented with awards for their contributions to the nation’s blood bank.

Mr Massang has no plans to stop giving blood. The age limit for first-time blood donors is 60. When regular donors hit 65, they must go for a health check-up.

After 70, check-ups will be done yearly, and a donor’s eligibility will be reviewed by the HSA.

Mr Massang recalled how he first found giving blood “rough”.

“I had a fear of the needle and the sight of blood,” he said. “But after a couple of times, I overcame it.”


Excerpt taken from the article written by Adrian Lim

Published by The Straits Times

Jun 5, 2016, 5:00 am SGT



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