Mother refused to abort Quintuplets despite doctor’s advice


Love What Matters, Facebook, Susan Thompson

When someone with authority like a doctor pressures parents to abort their children, it takes a lot of courage to say no. It takes even more courage when the mother is pregnant with quintuplets. But the mother in the true story below is so glad she chose life!

From the Facebook page Love What Matters:

“At the age of 28, I found out I was pregnant with quintuplets. Immediately, my doctor talked to me about selective reduction. When I said no, he sent me to a specialist who repeatedly asked me to consider reducing my pregnancy to triplets or even twins.

“This went on for several months. My husband and I never considered this, not for a second. God had given us these tiny children and He would take care of them.

“20 years later I look back and can’t imagine our lives without any of them. After graduation, three joined the military to serve our country and two are pursuing careers in the medical field. They are all responsible adults who love God and make this world a better place.

“I chose to save their lives and now they are saving the lives of others.”


“Credit: Susan Thompson”

Praise the Lord!




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