Dying author pens heartfelt dating profile on behalf of husband

Amy Krouse Rosenthal CREDIT: TWITTER

A terminally ill author has written her husband’s dating profile in a column in the New York Times.

In the heartfelt essay about Jason, her husband of 26 years, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, 51, tells readers: “He is an easy man to fall in love with. I did it in one day”.

The memoir and children’s author has ovarian cancer and is terminally ill.

With gallows humour, she wrote: “I need to say this (and say it right) while I have a) your attention, and b) a pulse”.

Mrs Krouse Rosenthal wrote the ode on Valentine’s Day. She said: “The most genuine gift I can hope for is that the right person reads this, finds Jason, and another love story begins”.

With deep affection, the mother of three told readers their love story which started with a blind date: “It was 1989. We were only 24. I had precisely zero expectations about this going anywhere.

“By the end of dinner, I knew I wanted to marry him”.

The author continued to recount how lucky she has been to find her ideal man. She said: “Here is the kind of man Jason is: He showed up at our first pregnancy ultrasound with flowers.

“This is a man who, because he is always up early, surprises me every Sunday morning by making some kind of oddball smiley face out of items near the coffeepot: a spoon, a mug, a banana”.

Encouraging users to swipe right on him, she added: “If you’re looking for a dreamy, let’s-go-for-it travel companion, Jason is your man”.

Mrs Krouse Rosenthal explained that she recently had the word “more” tattooed on her arm. It was a suggestion from one of her readers, a 62-year-old librarian reader called Paulette who also received the same tattoo.

But she all she wants is “more time with Jason. I want more time with my children”.

Amy’s dying wish and heartbreaking letter has captured attention from readers around the world.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/04/easy-man-fall-love-did-one-day-terminally-author-pens-heartfelt/



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