Hero MP Strode the Other Way to help

Hero MP Tobias Ellwood has been praised for “incredible bravery” after rushing to help the stricken policeman in Parliament within moments of the attack.

The Foreign Office minister gave the wounded officer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR in a last-ditch attempt to save his life.

Other terrified onlookers, including MPs as well as young children visiting Parliament for the day, understandably fled for cover after the shots rung out.

Amid scenes of panic and chaos throughout the Palace of Westminster it was unclear how many terrorists were on the scene – or whether further attacks were imminent.

But brave Mr Ellwood, a former Army captain with the Royal Green Jackets whose brother Jon was killed in the Bali bombings 15 years ago – ignored warnings and leapt into action after the policeman was struck down in Old Palace Yard.

A source said: “MPs walking through the yard were told there was an armed shooter and told to run for cover. But as people shouted ‘run’, Ellwood strode the other way to help the victims.”

A source close to Mr Ellwood, 50, the Conservative MP for Bournemouth East since 2005, confirmed: “He tried to give mouth-to-mouth and stem blood flow from multiple stab wounds to the officer until the chopper and medics arrived.”

The scene was one of desperation as the brave MP and several police officers tried to help their fallen colleague in Parliament’s main front yard.

Only yards away, his crazed killer lay bleeding on the ground. Police officers and medics tried in vain to save him too.

Some 20 minutes later, after the medics had taken over and the air ambulance had landed in Parliament Square, a grim-faced Mr Ellwood walked back to onlookers who were watching from across the yard.

One embraced him, another patted his shoulder and grimly shook his head. Blood could be seen on Mr Ellwood’s own face as he slowly walked away.

Speaking to the Mirror, fellow Tory MP Stuart Andrew said: “Your natural instinct when you see something as horrific as that is probably to protect yourself.

“I think to actually jump in there and help is quite fantastic of him. Horrible episodes like this really do bring out people who are heroes. He’s always been a selfless character. That is his nature.”

Labour MP Louise Haigh praised his “incredible bravery”.

Another Tory pal, Gravesham MP Adam Holloway – who also served in the army – added: “This just shows what great training the British Army does.

“Tobias did exactly what you would expect a former Green Jacket officer to do.”

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/london-terror-attack-hero-mp-10079489



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