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Wife Underwent 33 Hours Labour To Deliver Stillborn Baby

Eugene Wee is the managing director of Radion Enterprise.

According to their FAQ page, here’s what they do.

“RADION International is a Christian non-profit organization created to raise awareness and garner funding for under-privileged communities in South East Asia.

We also reach out to the private sector as well as other NGOs/NPOs to work together in order to create a greater sustained impact on these communities.

Donations are channelled to the outreach fund where it is then prudently channelled into bringing the greatest impact to the communities most in need.”

Which sounds like an amazing programme.

And it says a lot that Wee posted a Facebook post celebrating a true hero, his wife.

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Young Employee Who Set Out On Foot For Job 20 Miles Away

Walter Carr of Birmingham, Alabama, found himself in quite the predicament last week.

His car broke down the night before he was supposed to start a job as a mover, and his first gig was nearly 20 miles from his home, news site reports.

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Skate Brothers, the antivirus for gangs

The bike rider makes a silhouette in the air before landing on the ground and undertaking a few complicated acrobatics. You can clearly see the satisfaction on his face. He is one of many young people who, in a troubled area of Honduras, have swapped misdemeanors for sports thanks to the Skate Brothers.

 “I do these tricks on bikes, but I am also a skater. I was on the wrong track for six years; I was looking for an adrenaline rush on the streets and found one here that doesn’t put my life at risk. Here we are one big, happy family,” says Gendrik Torres, 19, before jumping his bike onto a multipurpose track that many others are enjoying.

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15岁终生洗肾 和生命赛跑的阿甘老师




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Forgoing gifts for giving

Teodoro Costa, for his fifth birthday party last year, had an odd request for his friends and family: He didn’t want any presents.

Instead, he asked them to donate money to a “gift fund”, with half the amount going to a cause he felt especially passionate about.

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伊莎贝拉·罗西里尼(Isabella Rossellini)从出生起就引人注目:星二代、记者、作家、电影明星、全球身价最高的奢侈品牌代言人、红到发紫的名模……总之就是一位人人艳羡的天之骄女。

顶着“瑞典国宝级女星英格烈·褒曼(Ingrid Bergman)及意大利名导演罗拔图·罗西里尼的女儿”的强大光环,伊莎贝拉的星路一度走得很顺遂。在1980年代最当红的时候,她登上50多个国家的500多本时尚杂志的封面。


伊莎贝拉在当模特与代言人之余,也在1979年起向电影界发展,并在1986年主演轰动一时的悬疑电影《蓝丝绒》(Blue Velvet),将有被性虐倾向的歌手角色演得丝丝入扣,还和该片的导演大卫·林区(David Lynch)坠入爱河(谈了六年恋爱),风头一时无两。


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