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蜜月旅行目睹车祸 中国护士救四人命



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印度父亲为悼念亡儿 修补马路坑洞



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Wife Underwent 33 Hours Labour To Deliver Stillborn Baby

Eugene Wee is the managing director of Radion Enterprise.

According to their FAQ page, here’s what they do.

“RADION International is a Christian non-profit organization created to raise awareness and garner funding for under-privileged communities in South East Asia.

We also reach out to the private sector as well as other NGOs/NPOs to work together in order to create a greater sustained impact on these communities.

Donations are channelled to the outreach fund where it is then prudently channelled into bringing the greatest impact to the communities most in need.”

Which sounds like an amazing programme.

And it says a lot that Wee posted a Facebook post celebrating a true hero, his wife.

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准医生救恩师 捐出67%肝脏



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The Champion Who Was Being Treated Shamefully

Serena Williams reacts while being interviewed after her defeat to Naomi Osaka (second left). Getty Images

Naomi Osaka, 20 years old, just became the first player from Japan to win a Grand Slam.

Yet rather than cheer Osaka, the crowd, the commentators and US Open officials all expressed shock and grief that Serena Williams lost.

Osaka spent what should have been her victory lap in tears. It had been her childhood dream to make it to the US Open and possibly play against Williams, her idol, in the final.

It’s hard to recall a more unsportsmanlike event.

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